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Here in the Tack Room, you’ll find some interesting merchandising items that were produced in association with the My Friend Flicka television series.  Whatever we manage to rope in, we’ll hang up in here for you to see.

If you should run across any items associated with this TV series,
please let us know by emailing our Ranch Manager.

Meanwhile, enjoy your tour of the Goose Bar Ranch!

Flicka Coloring Book Cover

"Hours of fun - as seen on TV!" Published by Treasure House of New York City
in 1958, this My Friend Flicka coloring book--with likenesses of
Johnny Washbrook and Flicka on its cover--sold for 25 cents.


Flicka Hardback Book   Flicka Hardback Book

This is a 1950’s-era Lippincott edition of My Friend Flicka with a nice publicity photograph of Johnny Washbrook and Flicka on the dust jacket

Mary O'Hara Author
She Wrote “My Friend Flicka”

If you would like to know more about Mary O’Hara--the creator of My Friend Flicka--we can recommend this DVD documentary, directed by Letitia Langord and produced by Rudy Calvert and Kyle Nicholoff for Wyoming PBS. O’Hara’s book, My Friend Flicka, was written in 1941 and then made into a movie in 1943, starring Preston Foster and Roddy McDowall. It was the first in a trilogy, followed by Thunderhead (1943) and Green Grass of Wyoming (1946), which were also made into feature films. The original stories were actually inspired by a ranch in Wyoming, and O'Hara became famous for her books about wild horses in the West. This documentary documents her life, her love of writing, and her inspiration in Wyoming, and is available from the National Cowboy Museum. You can purchase it from their online store at

Colgate Advertisement
This full-page advertisement touts Colgate-Palmolive’s “TV–RAMA” sale, and features the hit TV programs they helped to sponsor.  Top to bottom, the shows are The Big Pay-Off, Strike It Rich, The Millionaire, My Friend Flicka, and the Bob Cummings Show.  The ad appeared during 1956 in large and popular periodicals such as the Saturday Evening Post, and Look and Life news magazines.

Anita Louise Cinefoto Card
Anita Louise Writing Tablet

While these two items pre-date the My Friend Flicka series, they show the beauty of Anita Louise when she was a leading lady in motion pictures starring opposite popular leading men of the day like Errol Flynn, Cornel Wilde, Will Rogers, Victor Jory, Buster Keaton, Claude Rains, Ronald Reagan, Dick Powell, and many others. The small Cinefoto collector card from Spain is from about 1950, and the writing tablet, published in the U.S., is most likely earlier. Anita also did many commercial advertisements in magazines for such companies as Max Factor Hollywood Makeup, The Pullman Company, Shinola White Shoe Cleaner, Shaefer Beer and Calox Tooth Powder, as well as gracing the covers of many major magazines.

Shaker Props

We were a bit taken aback to see these rather odd items up for auction on eBay recently. The seller claimed that this salt and pepper shaker set was acquired from "one of the largest prop supply houses in the US" that furnished props for thousands of movie and TV productions, and that the set was "issued to the production for use in various episodes" of TV's My Friend Flicka. The two shakers, each about 2 3/4 inches tall, are designed like tea (or coffee) serving pots with a silver finish and threaded lids, and marked "Nutrend by Cory" on the bottom. The next time we watch some of the My Friend Flicka episodes, we'll have to zoom in on any scenes taking place in Nell's kitchen to see if we can spot these items. Let us know if you see them first!


Many people are interested in photographs and autographs from the stars of their favorite motion pictures, stageplays and television series.  This note and photograph were kindly sent to us several years ago by Gene Evans when this site was still in the early planning stage.
Gene Evans Note

Gene Evans Autographed Photo


Rouge Stallion
A 13" x 30" Australian daybill that was made by W.E. Smith in 1956, and used to publicize the My Friend Flicka episode Rogue Stallion. The episode, was released for general distribution and featured well-known character actor Claude Akins

General Electric Televisions

When the My Friend Flicka series premiered on television, the medium had been around for only a few years.  General Electric, Sylvania, RCA Victor, Philco, Motorola, Zenith, Magnavox, Emerson, Stromberg-Carlson, Bendix, Admiral, Packard-Bell, Crosley, Raytheon and Westinghouse were mass-producing TV sets for virtually every American home.  Smaller companies like Silvertone, Firestone, AMC, Airline, Meteor, Stewart-Warner,  Coronado, Sentinel, Truetone, CBS-Columbia, Dumont, Sparton, Trav-ler, Hallicrafters, Walsco, Wells-Gardner, Olympic, Muntz and Majestic were all competing for a slice of the market too.  Today, original television sets from the mid-1950s are available only from antique stores and private collections.  However, how unique would it be to have a set from that period with the exterior renovated and the interior converted to play DVDs of period TV shows on the screen?

Flicka on DVD

DVD sets of the series, such as this set available on Amazon, can be purchased through the Internet.


1955 TV Guide
"An article on My friend Flicka from the April 14, 1955 issue of TV Guide"



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